Todd Continued & Album Liner Notes

Todd Richard is a unique and exciting new artist on the country music scene.
His 'rich voice' and 'distinct look' has fans everywhere taking notice…and they love what they see and hear!
Life for Todd has been anything but easy. Born in 'Steel Town' Hamilton, Ontario
this hard working, gentle soul has seen his fair share of hard times.
At the tender age of 3 he was moved along with his sisters to the west coast of Canada
to be raised by his grandparents and Todd would never see his birth mother again.
A few years later his father, a talented musician in his own rite, eventually reunited with the kids.

Music was always in the air during family gatherings and at 5 years old Todd would join in,
playing his make shift drum kit that his grandmother made for him out of cardboard boxes.

At 10, he had his first opportunity to see his dad perform on stage and judging by the audience's response
Todd was sure his dad was a "Star".
From that moment on he too wanted to be an entertainer!

Around fourteen, Todd saved enough money from his paper route to buy his first set of drums.
At the time the family was living on a farm and Todd's job was to clean out the horse stalls.
He cleaned one stall right out and set up his drum set and began taking lessons at school.

Well it turned out Todd's calling wasn't to be a was a singer.
His grandmother was his biggest fan and she loved to hear him sing, especially her favorite
Mac Davis song 'It's Hard to be Humble'. So Todd began singing to the radio and he learnt the
words to every song he heard. Then a local guy named Bryan Adams began to make a
name for him self as a singer/songwriter.
Todd was inspired by Bryan Adams and began to craft his own songs.

By grade 11 Todd’s dad was spending more and more time away from home working which put a strain
on the relationship between Todd and his stepmother.
This led to the next tough challenge in his life, at 16 years old Todd was on his own.

Determined more than ever to succeed, Todd set his sights on making his grandmother proud as the first
in his family to graduate from high school. He stayed in school and enrolled in Drama class where he secured
the lead role as "Corndoggie" in the school play.
The show was a 50/60's Rock 'n' Roll musical and both the show and Todd were a hit.

He picked up a regular gig singing at a local restaurant and performed from time to time with his dad,
but after graduation Todd moved from small town Sechelt to the Fraser Valley where he continued to write
and perform over the next few years.
He entered numerous singing competitions including "Nashville Star" but the big break he was looking
for eluded him.

In 2000 Todd got married and started up his own plumbing business which meant his
music would temporarily take a back seat.
He still continued to sing and write every chance he could, but his priorities had
changed and those opportunities to perform were becoming less and less.

2002 was a memorable year for Todd but for all the wrong reasons. It was the beginning of 3 years
of physical pain and suffering from a routine surgery gone bad.
These were the toughest of times as Todd was in and out of hospital and came close to losing his life.
Thankfully a caring, knowledgeable surgeon finally came into the picture that was able to correctly diagnose
Todd’s problem and repair the damage done giving Todd back his life.

The hardships didn't end there. During his time of suffering 3 of Todd's grandparents passed
away and then in 2006 his dad suffered a heart attack.
During his recovery his dad was diagnosed with lung cancer.
This brought Todd and his dad closer together and in the summer of 2007 Todd recalls his dad’s last few weeks
and how he cherishes each of those final moments together.
Todd promised his dad he would pursue his love of music and ensure everyone
would know how to pronounce the family name correctly like “Rocket Richard” not “Richard”.

With the passing of his father Todd began to get serious again about his music. In the spring of 2008 CMT Canada
was holding auditions at a local night club for their series “Karaoke Star”.
With Todd’s wife pushing him to go for it he entered the contest. Todd was a hit!
He went on to the finals in Toronto and while he didn’t win the overall competition he made
a lasting impression on everyone who saw him and heard him sing.

Later that year Todd put together a band called the Reluctant Cowboys and they began performing
around the greater Vancouver area.
He also got back to writing and recorded 3 of his new songs at Tractor Grease studios in Chilliwack, B.C.

In 2009, CCMA (Canadian Country Music Association) week was held in Vancouver
and Todd and the Reluctant Cowboys were invited to perform at the CCMA Kick Off party.
Todd made a strong impression on all who saw him perform and he also made a number of
important contacts within the Canadian Country Music Industry.
One of those contacts was singer/songwriter Rick Tippe who offered to get together and write with Todd.
Well a few weeks later Todd took Rick up on his offer and the two hit it off penning their first co-write "Life is about People". 

While Todd would continue to perform in 2010 he parted ways with the Reluctant Cowboys
with his main focus on writing material for his first CD.

Over the next year Todd and Rick Tippe penned a dozen songs including all the material
that appears on Todd’s debut CD Journey On!
As Executive Producer for the project Rick hired Award Winning Record Producer Bart McKay
to produce Todd’s new CD. In late February 2011 Todd made his first trip to Nashville where
he worked with 8 of Nashville’s top session players at Ocean Way Recording Studios.
Ocean Way is an impressive studio that has a track record of producing numerous multi-platinum
selling albums by artists such as Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Cheryl Crow and Avril Lavigne.

Journey On! is jam packed with potential hit singles, the first of which is scheduled
for release in early summer 2011, with the official album release date to follow.

Todd is a man of character and after facing so many difficult challenges in his life,
it’s safe to say that “Todd Richard has earned these moments”
. It's TR's time to shine and share his talent with the world.

Keep your eyes and ears open for Todd's powerful songs,
voice and unmistakable look and enjoy the ride - Journey On!

Todd Richard Journey On- A Harley Blue Music Production
Produced and mixed by Bart McKay 

Executive Producer Rick Tippe 


Recorded at Ocean Way Studios Nashville Tennessee 

Engineer; Matt Mclure assisted by Adam Taylor

Additional Recording at Bart McKay Productions - Saskatoon Saskatchewan 

Engineer Bart McKay 

Mastered by Hank Williams at MasterMix Nashville,Tennessee 


Drums- Dennis Holt 

Bass- Mark Hill 

Electric Guitars- Jeff King , Bob Britt , & Murray Pulver

Acoustic Guitars- Pat McGrath 

Banjo- Pat McGrath & Murray Pulver

Fiddle & Mandolin- Tammy Rogers
Piano & B3- Jason Webb 

Steel Guitar- Dan Dugmore 

Photography : Mark Maryanovich, Dee Lippingwell, and Bal Dosanj 

Graphic Design- Jeff Pfefferle 


Its impossible to thank everyone that has been there 
for me along the way and if you know me, you know that 
i am truly thankful for everything you have done.
A special thank you goes out to my beautiful wife Sylvia, 
my family and friends for there support and love. 
To my great friend Peter McKittrick, words cannot express 
my appreciation for all your love and generosity. 
Rick and Bonnie Tippe for being such amazing and awesome people, 
Jeff at 5150 Design, Nicole, Linda and Julie at the BCCMA, 
Bart McKay Productions, Joel Stewart and Paul McGuire at CMT 
for inspiring me to keep dreaming! 

I dedicate this album to the memory of my father Joseph Richard, 
my Grandparents Gerard & Obie and my Grandma Halliday....

I know you are all with me on this Journey.